Asset management on stock markets of North America and Europe

Trading signals on the global markets


It is a result of our collaboration with FINAM, a leading Russian investment holding. Using our strategies, we manage client capital by investing in stocks of leading US and international companies that are traded on the major exchanges of the planet — NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS and others.

A range of asset management solutions for wealthy people who want to invest their funds in global financial markets.


You entrust your funds to professional asset managers and financial engineers with years of experience in the financial markets.

You get professional expertise, as well as opportunities (strategies, transactions and instruments) usually available only to institutional investors.

Goals and strategies
In order to reach your investment goal you choose one of our suggested management strategies. At the same time you know exactly how your assets are managed.

You control changes in your investment portfolio. We provide you with the official financial statements of management results.

Managers' remuneration depends directly on the achievement of the stated investment objectives and on your income.

Asset management — an art, which requires a lot of time and perseverance, not all investors are ready to hone their skills for managing capital over the years. If you intend to take advantage of investing in overseas markets, but you can not manage your own portfolio — use the unique opportunity to transfer your funds to the management of professional market leaders.

Your advantages:

Minimum amount

$80 000

Asset Management

The management fee is charged based upon the NAV growth:

if the amount on the client account is less than $100,000 — 25%

if the amount on the client account is more than $100,000 — 20%

Brokerage commission  — 1.2 cents per share/$2.75 min. per trade plus fees exchanges and trading systems.

Asset management on the exchange is an extremely complex process that requires a certain level of knowledge and practical experience, which can be received only in the trading process. All this requires not only investment of funds, but also a lot of time, which not every trader has - account trust management by Just2Trade allows traders to solve this problem in the most efficient way.

How It Works

Using this service, you almost completely transfer the rights to make transactions to experienced specialists, who will choose the most profitable transactions themselves, develop one or several strategies, make professional expertise and evaluate the effectiveness of the decisions made. In this case, the adoption of key decisions (for example, the choice of a specific strategy from the proposed list) and the change in the investment portfolio are yours.

A broker provides trust management services. Working with Just2Trade, you transfer the opportunity to work with assets not just to experienced traders, but to real professional managers and financial engineers who have been working on world exchanges for many years. At the same time, the results of the entire work and the effectiveness of the decisions taken are recorded in official reports.

In this case, both parties are interested in achieving the goals set, since the premium of financial managers depends directly on the fulfillment of the established plans and the general level of income received.

Investing Strategy

Using account trust management services of our specialists, you can be sure that your funds really work. We can use them to invest in assets on other leading stock exchanges of the world, including the US NYSE and NASDAQ. We also offer trust management on Forex market, if you need it.

How to Use

Open a Multi-Market account with a certified European broker Just2Trade to access global exchanges right on the site, top it up with the minimum amount and submit an application for asset management.

Starting from this moment, the funds under the management of our specialists will start working for you, without requiring constant control, monitoring the situation on the stock exchange and finding the most profitable deals. Enlisting the support of our financial engineers, you can increase your investment even without experience in stock trading.