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This service suits clients who prefer to make investment decisions with professional assistance. Using market research of our experienced analyst team, customers get opportunity to create their own investment strategies and fully use huge advantages of the US stock market.

A range of asset management solutions for wealthy people who want to invest their funds in global financial markets.


You entrust your funds to professional asset managers and financial engineers with years of experience in the financial markets.

You get professional expertise, as well as opportunities (strategies, transactions and instruments) usually available only to institutional investors.

Goals and strategies
In order to reach your investment goal you choose one of our suggested management strategies. At the same time you know exactly how your assets are managed.

You control changes in your investment portfolio. We provide you with the official financial statements of management results.

Managers' remuneration depends directly on the achievement of the stated investment objectives and on your income.

Your advantages:

Market Research & Analysis «USA VIP» and «USA Exclusivе»* (platform — ROX)

Minimum amount

« USA VIP» — minimum amount is $10, 000
«USA Exclusive» — minimum amount is $30, 000

Fees for Market research services

US  Markets
Shares — $0.02 per share(minimum $5  per deal)
Options — $5 per contract

Additional fee for voice orders

is not  charged

Trading platform to place electronic orders: ROX®.

*Difference between VIP and Exclusivе:

Choosing «USA Exclusive» tariff, besides advantages of «USA VIP» tariff, a client is granted an opportunity for a personal phone call with our analyst team on the current situation on the US market..

Choosing «USA VIP» tariff, a client receives investment ideas in the form of a weekly newsletter at the specified e-mail address and/or by phone.

To make trading on the exchange effective, a trader should not only know the theory, but also have practical experience. Combined together, they allow a trader to build strategies and make deals on time, getting the maximum profit, but this requires a lot of time and often money to be invested.

However, there is a special service for those who want to start using all the advantages of the exchange with minimal risks, time and financial costs. This is an advisory management.

Advisory management is a professional advice on exchange trading, which can help you make the most profitable deals, even if you do not have special experience. Both well-known exchanges, such as Forex, and US exchanges, rated as the most advanced and profitable markets and highly valued by professionals, provide this service.

How It Works

Advisory management is usually the help of a broker offering the services of its experienced professionals. So, if you are interested in a professional advice, but have not yet chosen a broker to open an investment account to trade on the exchange, you should give preference to large and most experienced companies, such as Just2Trade.

Our experts have impressive experience working with large exchanges, constantly monitor the situation in the markets, and also use several analysis methods and their own innovative approaches in money and risk management. Moreover, we provide not only regular mailing of investment ideas, but also personal advice on US exchanges, provided by phone.

An additional advantage of the service is the fact that the broker’s recommendation is advisory rather than mandatory, but it clearly indicates the benefits for you at a particular moment. At the same time, a trader always is free to make an investment decision, managing his assets as he likes.

Exclusive Privileges for Our Clients

Just2Trade offers two plans: VIP and Exclusive to access the US markets via the professional ROX platform. Both plans include personal recommendations and daily investment ideas based on the analysis of the current situation on the major US markets (NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS, etc.). However, the second plan includes assistance of a personal manager (professional analyst and trader) who is ready to give advice by phone or build a strategy for you.

Furthermore, each client applying for the advisory management service gets account protection for €20,000.

If you would like to try the advisory management service on the US markets and receive trading signals from Just2Trade experts, open a universal account and apply for advisory management using the Get Signals button.