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Bitcoin shot up by 330 times over the first three years of its existence.
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Why is it better to carry out cryptocurrency operations through a licensed broker?

Opertions with bitcoin CFDs Bitcoin Operations
Transaction fee 0.5% of transaction amount Up to $200,000 – 3.0%
From $200,000 – 2.5%
From $500,000 to $1 mn – 2%
A special rate could be provided
in case of greater amount
Why is it so expensive?
Overnight fee 0.06% of the total value of position 0.06% of the cost of borrowed funds,
in the case of leveraged trading
Withdrawal in money No charges (except for third-party fees) No charges (except for third-party fees)
Withdrawal in cryptocurrencies 0.12%, min 0.003 BTC
Storage of cryptocurrency on a brokerage account $49
When is it charged?
According to the established practice, cryptocurrency exchanges charge fees both on turnover and for the withdrawal of funds. Turnover fee ranges from 0.3% to 1%, while withdrawal fee ranges from 3% to 10% of withdrawal amount. Currently, this is common practice since crypto-instruments are not yet established participants in financial markets and many banks are very cautious about the movements of funds on their accounts. When trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, there is a high risk that banks may refuse or delay payment, and also require many additional documents. While operating through a licensed broker, the funds are transferred on the basis of the Brokerage Agreement, which cause no doubts of the banks. At the same time, there are no charges for deposit/withdrawal of monetary funds (except for bank charges).
Cryptocurrency storage requires enhanced information security systems, which increases the cost of this service, but guarantees full protection of client's funds against illegal actions. To avoid paying this fee, you can withdraw cryptocurrency from your brokerage account with the company to your own e-wallet. In this the owner of the e-wallet bears responsibility for the safety of funds.
Cryptocurrency storage fee is $49.
It is charged on a monthly basis if there is a total position or deposit more than 1 BTC / 1000 MBC / 20 ETH on the client's accounts.
It is charged on a monthly basis if there is a total position or deposit more than 1 BTC / 1,000 MBC / 20 ETH on the client's accounts.