Just2Trade and DeltaTheta announce a strategic partnership, launching the new “regulated DEX” service into the market. This product lets Just2Trade’s clients trade options on cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, BNB, AAVE, MATIC, DOT, etc) in P2P mode.

This product is unique in the crypto industry market and there are no other companies offering such a service. The reason is that the clients undergo the KYC/AML procedures of a regulated broker and also get access to the P2P infrastructure where they can make deals directly with each other from their verified wallets.

This product brings to the market a new type of cryptocurrency bidders, a “hybrid DEX”. These types of clients are transparent and understandable to regulators. Clients cooperate/onboard with a regulated European broker which is much better than working with a non-transparent Crypto Exchange. Furthermore, P2P trading means trading directly from the client’s wallet, where only the client has exclusive access.

delta.theta — american options DEX where any trader can buy and sell options on the most volatile crypto assets. delta.theta supports several networks including Ethereum, Binance, Polygon and Aurora/NEAR.