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Investing in PAMM accounts and portfolios is one of the ways to make profit on the stock exchange without the need for a detailed study of typical techniques and best trading strategies and gaining your own practical experience.

How PAMM accounts work

The work of PAMM accounts involves three parties:

How do the best PAMM brokers work?

It is extremely important for an investor to be confident in the efficiency of the selected manager, in the profitability of the strategy, used and in the transparency of the entire process. For this, there is a rating of PAMM brokers, managers and specific strategies.

But the most important is the statistics of the strategy's profitability, since it allows you to quickly assess the feasibility of investing and form expectations regarding profit or possible losses. So, the more complete the data provided by the broker about the work of each manager, the easier it will be for an investor to choose a strategy.

Convenient selection of a strategy from Just2Trade

In order to make it easier for our clients to choose the best strategy, we offer two tools:

  1. Detailed statistics and rating of strategies, indicating the main properties (currency, profitability (total and for the last month), the number of participating investors, the total amount of funds, the period of existence, the manager's commission, the available maximum leverage and the yield chart). The list of strategies can be sorted by each of the specified parameters.
  2. An interactive filter that allows you to quickly separate strategies with inappropriate parameters, leaving potentially profitable ones or the ones that best meet your financial expectations.

With an experienced European broker Just2Trade, you can easily choose a reliable PAMM manager from the rating and start working with him without having to independently study the intricacies of stock trading.