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Trading Platform

ROX® Premium

Powerful teсhnical solution
to trade on the US stock

Access to all securities on the US stock and option exchanges; direct access to NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), NASDAQ, CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) and other, as well as access to major stock exchanges of Canada, Mexico and Europe.


We provide full version of ROX® Premium, including options

Platform was developed by US traders and customized for trading on the US market.

7,000 securities

Direct access to all securities on the US stock and option exchanges: NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), NASDAQ, CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) and other.

Low commission — from $0.0019 per share

Clear and simple fees: commission amount remains unchanged when client reduces trading activity.

Leveraged trading on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX on the OTC market.

Full liquidity of the US stock exchanges

For large clients who do not want to overpay when buying shares, as well as for active traders who want to implement their strategies.

Please ask our English speaking support and use our free services!

Getting status of active trader, you will save money on every transaction!

Minimum amount
required to open an account — $3 000

When you exceed trading volume on NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX of 10 000 shares per month we reduce commission to buy/sell securities. Аnd 10 000 shares are easy doable for any trader! 

Fees for transactions with shares and ETFs on US markets Per share Minimum per trade
Basic rate: $0,012 (1.2 cents) per share $2,75
Trading volume over 10,000 shares per month: $0,005 (0.5 cents) per share $1,00
Trading volume over 80,000 shares per month: $0,004 (0.4 cents) per share $1,00
Trading volume over 300,000 shares per month: $0,003(0.3 cents) per share + ROX® for free upon request
Trading volume over 500,000 shares per month: $0,0025 (0.25 cents) per share + ROX® for free upon request

Rebates. Algorithmic orders and embedded module for spread trading.Suggest us your rate!

Individual approach and special commissions — from $1 for 1,000 shares — for groups of traders.

Fees for transactions with options on US markets Per contract Minimum per trade
Stock options, index options (base rate): $2.15 per contract no
Stock options, index options (over 500 contracts per month): $1.50 per contract no
Stock options, index options (over 2500 contracts per month): $1.00 per contract no
Stock options, index options (over 5000 contracts per month): upon request no

Note! Stock trading in the US is subject to surcharge of SEC fee, and exchange or ECN fee. Option trading is subject to exchange fee or payment of compensation. Additional fee for voice orders is $8 per executed order. Transfer to groups with preferential ratesexcludes reimbursement of previously paid fees and is carried out at the request of the client. Fees are charged in the currency of country, where exchange is situated (the US  — USD, Europe  — в  EUR). Third party margin loan: 9% + US Federal Funds Rate. More about rates

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ROX® is a registered trademark of ROX Systems Inc.®

You have any questions to ROX® or wish to use another trading platform?

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Platform fees depend on the exchange data subscribed:

• $39 per month (quotes from the US stock exchanges, Level II, ECN book, NYSEOpenbook + Mexico, Level I);

• $59 per month for professional market participants;

• additional $1 per month (quotes of the US option exchanges);

• additional $34.50 per month (Canada/TSE, Level II).

Stock exchanges (shares, ETF):

UK LSE London Stock Exchange
Germany FSE Frankfurt Stock Exchange (XETRA)
Austria VIE Wiener Borse Stock Exchange
Canada TSE Toronto Stock Exchange
Canada TSX Toronto Venture Exchange
Mexico MSE Mexican Stock Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores)
Holland AMS Euronext Amsterdam
Belgium BRU Euronext Brussels
Denmark CSE OMX Copenhagen
Sweden SSE OMX Stockholm
Finland HSE OMX Helsinki
Portugal LISB Euronext Lisbon
Italy MIL Milano Stock Exchange
France PAR Euronext Paris
Switzerland SWX Swiss Exchange
Spain BME Madrid Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Madrid)
Norway OSE Oslo Stock Exchange

Option markets (stock options, ETFs, currency and index options):

USA CBOE Chicago Board Options Exchange
USA ISE International Securities Exchange
USA AMEX American Stock Exchange
USA BOX Boston Options Exchange
USA PSE Pacific Exchange
USA PHLX Philadelfia Stock Exchange

Fees for non-US markets:

• Canadian listed equities: $0.015 CAD per share, min. 2.75 CAD per trade

• Europe and Mexico: 0.25% of trade value, min.25 GBP/EUR/USD, plus costs from 3rd-parties

• For details, please call our managers